"Ray of Light is proud to announce we have opened our downtown location!"

Located at - 1709 E. Bristol st. ste B & 124 S. Main st. downtown Elkhart




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You can find our full line of Soak Up the Light products at both our  Elkhart, IN locations:  
Ray of Light ~ 1709 E. Bristol St. and  The Studio ~ 124 S. Main St. 

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Certified Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is one of the most ancient of healing arts.  It is an incredibly effective tool for your total health and wellness.  Here are some of the basic benefits of massage therapy:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased pain and/or inflammation
  • Balanced blood pressure (over time)
  • Greater sense of wellbeing
  • Increased self awareness

There are literally thousands of styles of massage applications to meet your body’s specific needs.

Massage Therapy sessions are tailored to your needs and recommendations will be made by the therapist based on your health history and therapy goals (if applicable).  Please ensure you communicate openly with your therapist for the best experience.

Why are there two sets of prices?  All of our therapists are state certified however, some therapists have more years of experience and continuing education so we feel it is important to acknowledge this accomplishment.  Every therapist has their own style and expertise and we encourage you to try them all!

The Studio Classes

Located at 124 S. Main St. downtown Elkhart

Featuring Yoga, Pilates & other Wellness classes and our signature Soak Up The Light Products

The Studio is open for walk in shopping and in person questions as well as personal use of the space for quiet time every Thursday from 9am-5pm.  As we build more energy around this location, we will be able to have the doors open more frequently.  Stop by and smell the goodies!

$12-  Drop In Rate

$55-  5 Class Card 

$100-  10 Class Card


April 2014 Schedule:

 Please watch our Facebook pages for weather related cancellations. 


4:00pm-5:00pm   Mindful Yoga w/Mary Smith


9:00am-10:15am  Awakening Yoga w/Mary Smith

10:30am-11:30am Gentle Yoga w/Mary Smith

6:00-7:00pm Prenatal Yoga w/Nicole Bauman (5 week prepaid series)

7:30pm-8:30pm  Gentle/Restorative Yoga w/Nicole Bauman…   First class of the month is Restorative


6:00-7:15am Awakening Yoga w/Mary Smith


9am-5pm    Open studio

5:30pm-6:45pm  OM Yoga  w/Mary Smith

7:30pm-8:30pm Warm Hatha Yoga (Mary Smith) NEW Starts April 24th


9am-10:15am  Gentle Yoga w/Teri Dobson


9:30am-10:30am   Awakening Yoga w/Mary Smith


1:00pm-2:15pm Mixed Level Yoga w/Beth Spahr 



Awakening Yoga

The first movements of the day will shape and build awareness in how our first thoughts will flow into the day. This class will leave you energized and awakened to all possibilities awaiting you.

Beginner Yoga

This class is geared towards new students and those in the early stages of their practice. Focusing on alignment, breaking down poses as well as learning breathing and meditation techniques; this class will give students a strong foundation as they grow in their practice.

Gentle Yoga 
This class is designed for the beginner yoga client.  We will focus on poses and modifications of those poses, and connect with the breath and learn basic breathing techniques.  This class is great for those new to their journey or self exploration through yoga and for those that are seeking a more gentle form of movement.
Mindful Yoga
In this class we state an intention to ourselves in a focused meditation in the beginning of class.  We move our bodies with our breath.  We continue the movement mindfully keeping our thoughts in the moment and on our mats.  We finish with a systematic relaxation technique to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.  Intermediate class.
Mixed Level Yoga
A class for everyone!  Beginners are welcome as well as those further along in their journey.  Perfect to “mix things up” over the weekend!
OM Yoga
We will be exploring mudras, banhas, pranayama, mantras and their mental emotional, physical and energetic effects in the body.  Some yoga experience will be beneficial.
Restorative Yoga
This class is all about restoring the body & mind through gentle nurturing & lots of restorative adjustments. Using props to help the body to release tension and allow muscle to soften, this class is suited for anyone looking to de-stress and nurture themselves. The class will end in a guided Yoga Nidra (deep yogic sleep) practice to allow for the benefits of deep restoration.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is an asana practice in which we flow from one pose into the next. It is best suited to students who have some understanding of basic poses & alignment, however, all are welcome to attend this vigorous practice. The class will get your heart rate up & you might sweat a bit, so bring your own mat (if you have one) as well as water & a towel.